HA060 Series

General Specifications
Tc Point Drawing


  • HA060-048
  • HA060-090

Our Hazardous Location Drivers offer you a Global Hazardous Location solution. This driver allows you the flexibility to maximize design and fixture usage. With the Certifications, Voltage Ranges, Current Programmability, Auxiliary Voltage, and 0-10V dimming capability, this driver provides you with the ability to cover the full scope of your Hazardous Location product line. “Your total solution.”


  • HA060 (60-Watt) & HA100 (100-Watt)
  • Full range of input voltages both AC and DC
  • Broad range output voltages
  • Current output programmable
  • UL8750 HL and ATEX Zone1 Hazardous locations
  • Auxillary Voltage for controls
  • 0-10V Dimming


About HA060 Series