Wireless In-Wall Switch ATOM Series

Zigbee General Specifications Battery Version General Specification Casambi General Specifications User Manual Non-Neutral ZBS-MLA01B08




  • Best low-power load support, no bypass part or low-power light adapter required
  • Default local circuits operate and do not require system control
  • 20dBm 2.4G for long-range communication
  • Power failure memory to return to its previous set level prior to the interruption of power
  • Compatible with designer-style wallplates or standard off-the-shelve wall plates
  • Fit in 1-gang U.S. wall box; 2 1/2″ minimum depth recommended
  • The non-neutral design makes installation easier (ZigBee only)
  • Available Color – White



  • A1 Dark Chocolate
  • A2 Warm Caramel
  • A3 Moon Rock
  • A4 Silver Gray
  • A5 Pebble Gray


Zigbee General Specifications Casambi General Specifications


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