KD-800 Series

General Specifications


  • KD-800R ERP cat no. KD-800R-RC
  • KD-800G ERP cat no. KD-800G-RC
  • KD-800R-CT ERP cat no. KD-800R-RC-CT
  • KD-800G-CT ERP cat no. KD-800G-RC-CT
  • KD-800R-4RC-CT
  • KD-800G-4RC-CT


  • Injection-molded thermoplastic ABS housing.
  • Plastic enclosure with 5VA flame retardant.
  • Replaceable directional chevron inserts are easily removed and reinserted.
  • Red or green letter with 6 ” height and 3/4” stroke.
  • Single and double face configuration.


Product Details

About KD-800 Series