M5 Series – LED Emergency lighting


  • M5D
  • M5D-S
  • M5D-RC
  • M5D-S-RC
  • M5D-HO*
  • M5U
  • M5U-S
  • M5U-RC
  • M5U-S-RC
  • M5U-HO
  • M5U-LFP-CT*
  • M5U-S-LFP-CT*


M5-RC two batteries in parallel, M5-HO two batteries in series.

M5-HO w/o single lens option because of the heat issue.

M5U-LFP-CT compliant CEC title 20 efficiency regulations, Circle BC.



  • 120-277VAC universal voltage,50/60Hz
  • 120/277VAC dual voltage,50/60Hz
  • Charge 24hours, discharge 100 minutes
  • RC version item is availably capable of running additional LED remote heads. remote capability 3.6V1.5W max
  • High-end fixture with self-testing & self-diagnostics and use LiFePO4 battery
  • Standard model LED lamp head DC 3.6V 1W, deliver 240lm from the whole unit, CCT 5700K


General Specifications



  • UL and cUL listed and meet or exceeds all requirements in NFPA 70, NFPA 101 life safety code, suitable for the USA and Canada market.
  • Suitable for 10°C – 40°C ambient temperature, suitable for damp location.
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