Outdoor Deco-LED – WEDL-901


  • Architectural, low -profile design
  • Die-Cast aluminum housing
  • Polycarbonate lens and mirror reflector
  • Maintain full lumens output duration battery discharge
  • AC and ACEM model with quick connector
  • Heat pad for cold weather(optional)
  • Suitable for Wet Location
  • Photo-sensor or wall switch function for AC and ACEM model



  • Input Voltage:120 -277 VAC,60Hz
  • Maintained or Non Maintained operation
  • Self -diagnostic
  • Charge time:24 hours
  • Nickel cadmium battery 4.8V 1.8Ah
  • 80 CRI min
  • 3-step SDCM at 2700K,5-step SDCM at 5000K


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About Outdoor Deco-LED - WEDL-901