DALI Control Gear

DALI Control Gear

Introducing DALI control gear Type 6 (DT6) and Type 8 (DT8) dimming solutions.

Are you experiencing logistical nightmare while searching for various DALI LED drivers?
Complicating the inventories and purchasing processes. Here is the answer from Magtech. A DALI converter that can work with any LED driver with 0/1-10V dimming feature. This DALI certified control gear powered by DALI bus voltage provide flawless dimming performance while simply your designs.

DALI control gear options.

Control options simply imply the control systems. A control system is responsible for managing commands and regulating the behaviour of other devices in an electronic system using control loops. And that’s how the DALI control gears operate.

With DALI, the relevant control functions are already integrated into the control gears. Such control gears enable your luminaires to output saturated light colours in your accent lighting. Such light outputs are forms of the colour temperature.

DT6 devices are the LED control gears and luminaires, while DT8 devices are colour controllable luminaires. A DALI control line allows you to configure individual control gear and control units, after which you get functions such as addressing, grouping, and setting scenes.


DALI Tunable White Application

Introducing DALI control gear Type 8 for dual channel / tunable white application.


The above diagram is based on Magtech DA-020 and QM-50-U48D-0850-XP, and the output LED driver.


• DALI Type 6, A perfect solution for mono-color dimming.
• DALI Type 8, only need one DALI address to achieve Tunable White.
• It is for color-controllable luminaires
• It can use one address for two channels.
• DALI Type 6, need two DALI addresses to achieve Tunable White.
• LED control gears and luminaires are assigned to DT6
• It requires a single address for a single channel.

As a result, Address saving, Space-saving, and Manpower saving.

Assume there is a CCT fixture:

Warm White LEDs (2500K) max power=50W
Cold White LEDs (6500K) max power=50W

Different protocols between DT6 VS DT8


Recommended wiring diagram for DA-010 & DA-020 Applications