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  • LP1020-52
  • LP1020-36
  • LP1020-24
  • LP1020-22
  • LP1020-18
  • LP1020-17
  • LP1020-15
  • LP1020-13
  • LP1020-12
  • LP1020-10

Our LP-Series Premier Driver Family is one of the oldest driver product lines in the market. Production began in 2003. This was the 1st product line to offer 100-277VAC input across the full product line. Our LP-Series is one of the only product lines in the market with long-term proven historical reliability.

The LP1020 is a 20-Watt, Class 2, Single Output, Switch-mode, LED Driver, C/C or C/V, in a rectangular case.


  • Single output, constant current, or constant voltage design.
  • Suitable for dry or damp location
  • Designed for outdoor or indoor applications.
  • Suitable in standard electrical junction boxes
  • ELN (training-edge) dimmable-Optional
  • Active PFC reduces power consumption




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