General Specifications
Tc Point Drawing


  • ESL1048-24-C2500
  • ESL1048-36-C1660
  • ESL1048-48-C1200
  • ESL1048-72-C0830

iPOP® (Intelligently Programmable Output Power) is our 1st generation driver with iPOP®.  iPOP® is Intelligently Programmable Output Power both current and voltage through GUI interface. The ESL1048-iPOP® is a 25-Watt, Class 2, Single Output, Switch-mode, LED Driver, C/C, T-5 Ballast Style case, with 0-10v Dimming.


Our 1st edition iPOP® was your solution for SKU reduction, Inventory management, and fixtures/applications that require various output currents to meet multiple Lumen levels. Commercial and industrial, dry and damp location: Troffers & Linear fixtures


About ESL1048-iPOP®