Made with Flexibility Design for Efficiency

Made with Flexibility Design for Efficiency

Our QM product family also offer 4-in-1 dimming solutions, (TRIAC/ ELV/ 0-10V/ PWM low flickering, (less than 10% up to 120Hz) and has an advanced dimming percentage of less than 1% as well as an optional dimming curve (liner & progression) giving more customized controls than any other LED drivers.

Product Features:

‣ CC and CV output 4 in 1 dimming
‣ Easy quick “sip switch” output programming
‣ Wireless using ZigBee protocol. (Optional)
‣ Transient protection
‣ Compact size maximizes design flexibility
‣ No-load power consumption less than 0.5W
‣ Turn-On-time less than 500mS

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Posted on: December 2020

Our products are used even in the production of bed linen from satin (in Ukrainian постільна білизна сатин), which allows you to increase production efficiency.