WSU Series


  1. WSU-R-U*
  2. WSU-G-(U)
  3. WSU-R-CT-(U)
  4. WSU-G-CT-(U)
  5. WSU-R-CL*-(U)
  6. WSU-G-CL-(U)
  7. WSU-R-CT-CL-(U)
  8. WSU-G-CT-CL-(U)



  • Polycarbonate material and waterproof design suitable for wet locations.
  • Plastic enclosure with flame retardant.
  • Compact and decorate design, single and double face configuration available.
  • EXIT letter 6″ height and 3/4″ stroke, snap-in and snap out direction indicator.


  • Suitable for wall mount and side mounting.
  • Universal J-Box mounting pattern on the back plate


  • 120-277VAC50/60Hz dual voltage input optional.
  • Brownout circuit protection for ST/SD fixture.
  • Battery low voltage protection.
  • Solid-State transfer circuit.
  • Test switch and battery charging indicator.
  • Maintenance-free Ni-cad battery.
  • 24hours recharge more than 90 minutes’ discharge.


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