New York MRSEL(RMSEL)-800


MRSEL-800SR(C/M/W)-X* – Single face

RMSEL-800SR(C/M/W)-X* – Double face


MRSEL-800DR(W/M) – Single face

RMSEL-800DR(W/M) – Double face


MRSEL-800DR(C/M/W)-CT-X – Single face

RMSEL-800DR(C/M/W)-CT-X – Double face


MRSEL-800R(W/M)-CT – Single face

RMSEL-800R(W/M)-CT – Double face


MRSEL-800SR(C/M/W)-X – Single face

RMSEL-800SR(C/M/W)-X – Double face


MRSEL-800DR(W/M)-CT – Single face

RMSEL-800DR(W/M)-CT – Double face


  • Recessed housing with hanger bar.
  • Aluminum housing with high grade acrylic panel.
  • Replaceable acrylic EXIT panel.
  • Removable directional indicators
  • Single and double face universal design
  • Removable front cover for each installation and maintenance
  • 8″ height red exit sign
  • Single and double face optional
  • Suitable for damp location



  • 120/277 VAC dual voltage operation.
  • Test switch and charge rate indicator.
  • Self-test and Self-diagnostics function in available for battery backup model.
  • Fully automatic, solid-state charger.
  • Brown out circuit with overload and short-circuit protection


  • Recessed mounting



  • Suitable for use in 10°C – 40°C ambient temperature, suitable for damp location
  • UL listed and meets or exceed all requirement in NFPA 70, NFPA 101 life safety code.


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