21W High Profile

The iES-H021L is a Self-diagnostic Emergency LED Driver for interior lighting applications. Powered a by high density, environmentally friendly Nickel Metal Hydride (NIMH) the iES has adjustable currents between 145 to 440mA. and can produce up to 975 lumens of lighting. UL Listed for field or factory installation these units contain (ICC) Intelligent Charge Circuitry that provides CEC approved energy consumption with automatic self-testing in a single code compliant unit. The Magtech LED Battery Backup Driver is Class 2, UL 924, Title 20 & 24 Compliant and meets RoHS standards.

  • UL Listed for field installation
  • Green Energy Certified – NIMH (environmentally friendly)
  • 80% greater capacity than NiCad (nearly twice the stored energy)
  • Exceeds 90-minute illumination (constant current allows choice of lumen output)
  • Includes dual color LED indicator/test switch (visual inspection)
  • Field or factory installation (UL Listed)
  • Field Adjustable Current (adjustable illumination for maximum efficiency)
General Specifications Mechanical Drawing & TC Point


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